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Aug 25, 2021

On the show today we have Brent Xu, founder of Umee. Umee is a suite of cross-chain DeFi protocols that interconnects between Cosmos and Ethereum. Umee takes inspiration from Brent's experience in DeFi, Proof-of-Stake and Fixed Income. Umee has 3 core products at launch, multichain staking, cross-chain DeFi rates and interchain leverage. The podcast explores Brent's background in TradFi and some TradFi concepts such as the term structure of interest rates and covers how Umee is bringing a lot of TradFi concepts to DeFi such as a term structure of interest rates. We discuss everything from why time-values are important in crypto, Umee 2-token model for cross-chain lending/borrowing, how Umee builds yield curves for staking rates and much more.