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Oct 28, 2019

In this episode Brendan and Meher interview Dan Robinson, Researcher at Paradigm, who has worked on various cutting-edge topics in the crypto space. We start out exploring Dan’s background and the various projects he has worked on before starting at Paradigm and how his extensive collaborations with different topics and actors have led to his most recent position. The episode then dives into the ideas that he has brought forth, specifically Yield Tokens (yTokens).

yTokens are a novel way to lend or borrow any type of asset that is using a design inspired by zero-coupon bonds from the traditional finance world. The yToken design is an interesting building block that allows for the creation various financial instruments, e.g. interest rate swaps. Dan, Brendan, and Meher discuss how yTokens fit into the DeFi stack, risks of the design, as well as thoughts around price oracles for and liquidity of such instruments.


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