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Feb 17, 2020

While most other upcoming smart contract platforms seem to have identified throughput as the major bottleneck for why blockchains haven’t found mass adoption yet, Coda has focused on a different part of the stack that they perceive to be a much more important issue plaguing blockchain, which is how long it takes for new participants to verify the blockchain. Coda is using recursive zk-SNARK technology which enables them to create a constant-sized blockchain, making it really easy for clients to verify the correctness of the ledger.

In this episode, Meher and Felix are joined by Emre Tekisalp, director of BD, and Brad Cohn, strategy & operations from the O(1) Labs team to discuss Coda’s approach to building a new blockchain platform. The podcast starts out going into the background of the two, a high-level overview of Coda follows and we discuss what Coda’s unique design enables and cover the go-to-market strategy of the project. From there the discussion leads us to discuss monetary policy and the implications of taxes on Proof-of-Stake networks. After this quick detour, we get back to discussing how the Coda protocol technically works leading to an extensive celebration of zk-SNARK technology during which Brad and Emre explain the progress in the field and why zk-SNARKs are so exciting. Finally, we wrap up the episode with some information on Coda’s Genesis testnet program.

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