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Mar 23, 2020

In this episode, Felix is joined by Dieter “dete” Shirley, CTO at Dapper Labs. The team at Dapper Labs, a spin-off from Axiom Zen, are the creators of Cryptokitties and have spent recent years to create their own blockchain optimized for decentralized applications building on their learnings of writing some of the most widely used smart contracts.

The podcast begins with Dieter going into his background in crypto and how Cryptokitties emerged out of a series of ideas his former company at Axiom Zen had for blockchain applications. We then talk about how Cryptokitties helped the team realize both the benefits and shortcomings of Ethereum and Solidity development. Dieter explains how Flow is designed from the ground up with composability and developer experience in mind. We go into detail as to how Flow is able to scale by having multiple separate node roles, the interplay between them, as well as benefits that Flow tooling and the programming language Cadence provide to developers. Finally, we wrap up with a discussion of the economics in a blockchain with multiple different roles.

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