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Jul 27, 2021

Joining Felix Lutsch and Xavier Meegan on the show today we have Dean Tribble, co-founder and CEO of Agoric Systems. Agoric is a developer-friendly environment and economy for expressible, programmable, composable and secure smart contracts. Agoric aims to be a platform that offers developers a secure version of Javascript to deploy smart contracts safely into. Agoric’s own network encourages cooperative economic activity using two tokens, RUN (a stablecoin) and BUILD (a staking token). The Agoric economy uses novel incentives to promote the safe execution of smart contracts in a stable economy. We speak to Dean about using Javascript to enhance security of smart contracts, the pros and cons of composability, the minimal set of market institutions to run a smooth economy and why paying for execution of rent and postage using a stablecoin is critical for economic accounting and interoperability.