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Mar 9, 2020

One of the major factors hampering blockchain adoption is that current decentralized applications only function when all associated data is public. Many real world use cases are only possible when participating parties can be assured that their information is kept private. Oasis is a network that is focused on enabling privacy-preserving smart contracts through the use of secure enclaves.

In this podcast episode, Meher and Brendan are joined by Andrew Miller and Vishwanath Raman, who are part of the Oasis Labs team working in product marketing (Andrew) and engineering (Vishwanath). The four start with a discussion of how Oasis got started and the connection to UC Berkeley. Then, in the first part of the interview, an overview of the Oasis protocol and key target markets follows. The episode discusses how the Oasis privacy protocol works technically and how it compares to other privacy-enhancing solutions. Specifically, Andrew and Vishwanath walk through a voting example and go through other use cases, features of the Oasis blockchain, the project’s go-to-market strategy, as well as the roadmap including the ongoing incentivized testnet “The Quest”. Finally, the four discuss implications of Intel security vulnerabilities and the developer experience of writing privacy-preserving smart contracts.

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