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Jan 13, 2020

This episode covers the Stake Capital DAO, an interesting project aiming to form a revenue-sharing staking and DeFi DAO that also issues tokenized staking positions called LTokens. The Stake Capital DAO is a project by Stake Capital, a staking service provider operating on various networks including the Cosmos Hub, Livepeer, Tezos, and Loom.

In this episode, Felix is joined by Stake Capital founders Julien and Leopold to discuss the recently revealed plans to launch a DAO. It dives into their backgrounds in the Ethereum community working on Flyingcarpeth and other projects leading up to the forming of Stake Capital and their decision to turn their business into a DAO. We explore the relationship between Stake Capital and the DAO, the DAO’s token SCT, the innovative way in which SCT tokens are issued to delegators of Stake Capital, as well as governance questions and other technicalities of the Stake Capital DAO approach. The second part dives into liquid staking tokens (LTokens) that the DAO plans to issue to enable stakers to circumvent locking periods and to enable a more efficient use of staked capital. Finally, the episode wraps up with a discussion of the next steps and long-term plans for the Stake Capital DAO.

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