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Jan 28, 2020

In this episode Felix is joined by Gavin Birch, community analyst at Figment Networks, who has took it upon himself to improve the decentralized governance process of the Cosmos Hub. We start by going into Gavin’s background in the crypto space and how he joined the Figment team before exploring Gavin’s experience working on coordinating the upgrade to Cosmos Hub 3.

Figment recently put forth a proposal to the Cosmos community pool, which is a source of capital that the Cosmos Hub is collecting by taxing block rewards and transactions fees. The proposal (#23, linked below) seeks to fund Gavin’s work to form a Governance Working Group and to create a bunch of documentation and templates that should help everyone to better understand the governance process, as well as lower the barrier of entry of filing a funding proposal to the community pool. Felix and Gavin explore the intricacies of blockchain governance and discuss controversies and learnings from this early experiment in decentralized funding.

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