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Aug 18, 2021

On the show today, we have Sergey Gorbunov, co-founder of Axelar. Axelar network is a decentralized state machine responsible for facilitating cross-chain requests. Axelar’s gateway protocol is a delivery and routing protocol that can work with any arbitrary blockchain regardless of consensus. This means any decentralised network can plug-in to Axelar seamlessly to access liquidity amongst other things from all other decentralised networks. Axelar also gives developers the freedom to connect their dApp into external networks that might have been previously inaccessible to them without redesigning the smart contracts. The show with Sergey covers his previous experience, how Axelar is different from Cosmos and Polkadot, what validators do for the network, their solution for scaling threshold cryptography and their vision for an interoperability network that is consensus and state transition agnostic.