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Nov 24, 2021

On the show today, we have Bijan Sharohki, Head of Product and Brandon Case, Head of Product Engineering from O1 labs, the development company working on Mina. Mina is the first protocol to use recursive zero-knowledge proofs to track the entire state of a blockchain. Using zero-knowledge proofs to track states rather than a full ledger of transactions, Mina is able to keep their blockchain to a fixed size of ~22kb. Mina enables a new category of applications called ‘Snarkified Applications’ or ‘Snapps’. Snapps get executed once by developers and thereafter nodes verify associated SNARK proofs, making these new types of applications highly scalable on Mina’s recursive blockchain. Snapps are going live on testnet by the end of 2021, so we caught up with Brandon and Bijan to discuss what problems Snapps can solve that dApps as they exist today can’t solve. The podcast forays into how Mina snarks can be used as a bridging tool, the dynamics of their snarketplace and future Mina scaling solutions, plus so much more.