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Apr 13, 2020

Centrifuge is building the operating system for trade finance. In this episode, Brian is joined by Lukas Vogelsang, CEO of Centrifuge, to speak about the technologies Centrifuge is building to enable more efficient, transparent, and privacy-preserving supply chain financing.

We start by exploring the background of the idea and the founders’ decade long background in the area of trade finance with Taulia, a company focused on invoice financing and working capital management, which is currently handling over $20bn in invoices a year. Lukas then goes into how his interest in crypto and the idea for Centrifuge, which is to build to tools to bring off-chain financial assets into the decentralized finance ecosystem, came about. He goes into how Centrifuge turns off-chain documents such as invoices into NFTs and how these NFTs can be bundled into collateralized pools to enable their usage in DeFi using Centrifuge’s asset-backed lending protocol Tinlake. Lukas explains the advantages of transparency for asset-backed lending, Tinlake’s tranched two token model, and their experiments using this system in collaboration with the Maker team and other partners such as Paperchain and Shuttle One. Lukas goes into how real-world assets as collateral could bring stability to Maker’s Multi-Collateral DAI system.

Finally, Lukas talks about launching their own Substrate-based chain that allows Centrifuge to mint tokenized assets using Tinlake while maintaining privacy for asset originators.

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