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May 25, 2020

Lunie is a multi-network wallet focused on staking networks and on-chain governance. Lunie was one of the first wallets for Cosmos (then Voyager) and has since expanded to support multiple networks from the Cosmos ecosystem (Terra, E-Money) with Polkadot and other networks coming soon.

In this episode, Felix is joined by Jordan Bibla. CEO and Co-Founder of Lunie, to discuss the crypto wallet and staking ecosystems. The episode begins going into the background of Lunie and the products the team has built (web and mobile apps, as well as a browser extension). Felix and Jordan explore UX difficulties in staking networks, how newly launching networks should go about building communities, protocol governance, and insights from developing one of the most used wallets focused on staking. The second part of the episode dives into Lunie’s upcoming freemium notification feature and Jordan shares his views on the most important developments in the blockchain ecosystem.


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